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The YHStories

The Young Hoteliers Summit is the largest student-run hospitality summit in the world. Every year, it welcomes more than 40 speakers to share their insights with delegates from the most prestigious hospitality schools. But who are the people behind the magic of it all? The YHStories were created with the aim of highlighting the incredibly diverse personalities that make up the YHS team. With this format, we wish to blur the line between what is physically delivered during the summit and who is behind the scenes organizing this unique event.

The YHStories

The summit at its core 

- Clare, Katherine, Eva 


Worlds apart? 

- Charles and Jahaan


First Things First

-Sophie and Lauranne 

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YHS Holiday Stories 

- Sofia, Hoda, Léa,

Ritvik, and Kamilia

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A Bright Future

- Joshua and Hidde

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- Mathilde, Ilias, Magdalena and Giulia 

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Full circle

- Core members


Stay Tuned...

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