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This month’s edition of the YHStories is all about three of our assistants—each from different departments. More specifically, I am Albert, and as PR & Press assistant I had the pleasure to interview Joshua, Community assistant, and Hidde, or HR assistant. Let’s get started!



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Joshua is the kind of person who would need at least three months of my time and 50 pages to get an appropriate description. In fact, the stories of his AP year or his passion for Theater would amount to a full essay. Unfortunately, I am limited to a paragraph and will value your patience to describe one of the most eccentric, energetic, yet studious people I know.  I met Joshua during our AP semester (for those who don't know, AP is the first practical semester that every EHL student encounters). At the time I was struggling to get a grasp of everything that was going on around me… but not Joshua. Before I knew half the names of our team, he had been voted as our class representative, knew everyone’s middle name, and turned our team into his kingdom 😉  

Joshua admired the Young Hoteliers Summit before even starting his studies at EHL but was too late to apply to the committee during his first semester. Fortunately, he learned the lesson and applied for the position of Community assistant as soon as it was open the next semester, even though he was still finishing his internship in Dubai! Now, only a few months have passed since he started working for the committee, but he has already surpassed the high expectations for a new YHS recruit. In fact, he has earned the full trust of his head of department, Xuning, who allows him to learn and grow on both a personal and professional level. Talking about Xuning, Joshua said: “He is amazing. He gives me the wings to let me fly. He considers my opinions and uses them. Sometimes I even feel like I am the head with the trust and power he puts in me *laughs*.” Congratulations Joshua! It seems like you are establishing your kingdom again! (Just kidding, Xuning will not let it happen...) 

Other than his outgoingness, what I admire the most about Joshua is his determination. Originally from Sri Lanka, Joshua went to a demanding school and had a future planned in mathematics, physics, and engineering. Nevertheless, Joshua did not feel fulfilled and was determined to find his true passion. This is when he encountered hospitality, the perfect combination of business, creativity, and human touch! Joshua had no idea what he was about to encounter at EHL. Yet, he is convinced of having made the right decision! “At EHL, I can do what I want to do. The future is open for me. The fact that it opens up so many opportunities is nice. At the end of the day, it’s the best choice.” 

With his charismatic and proactive personality, Joshua has been a terrific addition to the team. Given his natural leadership skills, I would not be surprised if he managed to climb the latter also within YHS. We are all curious to find out what the future has planned for him! 


The second assistant I would like to present is Hidde, a first-year student who joined the committee in June 2021. Born in the warm city of Houston, Hidde is passionate about skiing and biking. Isn’t this ironic? Preferring wintry weather over sun and choosing a bike over a car is not typically Texan. However, it starts to make sense once you discover that he has Dutch origins and that he moved to Amsterdam when he turned 10 years old.  

I met Hidde during my AP year in French class, and I immediately realized what an altruistic person he was. May it be a friend, a teammate, or just an acquaintance, Hidde will always be ready to help! He even helped me with Excel and Financial Accounting revisions when I needed it the most. Maybe his passion for other people’s needs is what attracted him to an HR position in the first place. Whatever the reason might be for choosing this position, we all must agree how precious he is to the team!  


Hidde joined the Young Hoteliers Summit Committee as one of the first assistants while he was still finishing his operational internship in a catering company in Belgium. Due to the persistence of the COVID-19 pandemic, his working experience was not easy. Everything was shut down and his tasks did not feel challenging enough. Would there have been any better moment to embark on a new adventure? He therefore immediately applied to this committee and, three days later, he was welcomed into YHS Human Resources Department. Now that the entire YHS team is recruited, one may think that his work for the committee has ended. It is true that the beginning of the semester was hectic, as he and Sophie (Head of HR) recruited more than 40 members for the committee. However, his mission is far from being completed. The HR team is, in fact, recruiting the Masters of Ceremony who will lead the summit between the 7th and the 9th of March and is continuously assuring a smooth and efficient working environment across all departments.  

A final characteristic of Hidde is his stress-free approach to life. Even though he dreams big and would love to enter politics one day, he is easy-going and “goes with the flow.” I am not saying he does not give importance to his missions. On the contrary, once he puts his mind into something he gives it his all and will achieve the results. However, you will never see him panic about deadlines! 

Having seen the involvement of the YHS team, one cannot ignore his contribution to it. With his spontaneous approach to life, his interest in others, and his selflessness, Hidde is a vital addition to the group!  

Overall, with these stories, we aim to underline how, no matter the position held within the committee, every team member brings a precious value to the summit. With their extremely different personalities, both Joshua and Hidde have proven to be determined, curious, and willing to grow through this experience. We are all incredibly curious to discover what the future holds for them! 

A Few Words From the Author - Albert Kim


I am Albert Kim, a second year EHL student and a member of the PR & Press team for YHS. Being born in Korea and raised in Shanghai helped me to develop the love of people and culture. I love to read, write, and enjoy long naps.