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In an interview with YHS a year ago, you mentioned that agility and adaptability are key to taking a brand global

What does it mean for a company to be agile and adaptable in today’s climate of rapid change (technological advancement, consumer behavior etc.)?

Technological advancement and consumer behavior continues to rapidly change making it vital to remain agile and adaptable as a company in the hospitality industry. At Wyndham Hotels & Resorts we are constantly evaluating all of our partner offerings and working with development to ensure we are meeting consumer expectations, while also trying to maintain consistency in an ever‐evolving space. Over the course of the last couple of years we have seen great momentum in the EMEA region. This is in large part due to our ability to adapt to the markets in which our brands are located where we combine design elements that align with the location and the demand for accommodation in a range of scales from budget to upper‐upscale. An example of us tapping into our agility and adaptability to reflect consumer behavior was the growth of our Super 8 brand in Germany, we saw a strong demand for affordable and accessible accommodation in this region and ensured our development plans met this demand to continue our goal of making travel possible for all.

As the world’s largest hotel franchisor, in your view, is it more – or less difficult to be agile and adaptable in implementing company‐wide policies to franchisees than if you were focused on management agreements?

Both franchisee and management agreements come with their own set of challenges but ensuring you work closely with all partners is key to stay aligned on company‐wide policies. Our franchise model at Wyndham Hotels & Resorts offers personalised support to partners in a variety of areas such as operations, technology, sales and marketing. The franchise model is unique and allows for us to be flexible and adapt to different goals and different destinations.

Looking ahead to 2020, what is one strategic growth avenue for Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, and why?

Overall, we are focused on growing our portfolio where we know travellers want to be. When we think about our opportunities for growth, our highest potential markets are a mixture of places where we already have an established and strong presence, as well as up‐and‐coming destinations. We will continue to support our partners across the EMEA region, as well as add more accommodation in these up‐and‐coming locations with the goal of expanding the reach of our unique brands under the by Wyndham trademark. Providing excellent accommodation for every type of traveller is what drives our business.

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