January 2021 - Theme Announcement YHS 2021


The Virtual Edition: 22nd to 25th March


A Macroscopic View

Each year, the Young Hoteliers Summit is centered around a comprehensive theme, thoughtfully chosen to best reflect the industry’s environment. This allows the conference to explore relevant issues and review different parameters. This year, considering the pandemic we are facing, YHS will address the shifts emerging in all aspects of our industry. Thus, we have “A Macroscopic View,” looking at things through a broad lens and expanding the definition of hospitality. To see the full picture, we must zoom out and observe the connections and the domino effect that occurred. It is essential to Rethink, Re-Sculpt, and Rejuvenate the vision of the business model, adapting to the new reality.


As the world came to a halt in 2020, hoteliers were forced to rethink the true definition of hospitality. With rapid closures of hotels, the industry has been forced to discover new avenues to stay afloat. Airline sectors of hospitality are much talked about due to the adverse impact and the unusual measures.

Furthermore, industry professionals have found the time to confront deeper issues in the current workplace, both operational and cultural, that had often been brushed over in the past. For instance, policies of the wage gap or the over-collection of sensitive personal data need to be revised. The time has come for us to ask ourselves what we’ve been doing wrongly and tackle the problem at its root.


To re-sculpt, or redesign, to break from the convention and to do this before anyone else – is the singular strategy of many companies today. For instance, with growing awareness, almost every company has hopped aboard the Sustainability bandwagon and made it the norm, forcing companies to find ways to be socially responsible while still being profitable.

Another major game changer is technology and moving forward, Artificial Intelligence. The pandemic exposed all the companies, modern and traditional, to technology at every step, again forcing people-oriented industries like hospitality to remodel themselves while retaining the personal touch.


In line with the nature of the current global situation, hoteliers need to find new ways to adapt to norms. Forecasting and recognizing post-covid demands and preferences will be a key measure to recreate and reclaim customers’ trust in travel, lodging and service sectors.

As more and more governments adapt the sanitization measures to larger groups, and more countries reopen borders to foreign travelers, it is crucial to give a new vigor to age-old hospitality concepts. The revision of outdated prejudices in workplaces and reinforcement of sustainable living in hospitality segment are pivotal in aiding industry’s rejuvenation.


Help Us, Help You!

Keeping the “Macroscopic View” of the hospitality industry in mind, the Employer’s Ranking Survey this year will include aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic to see how companies responded to it and whether they had an employee-driven or customer-driven strategy. The Employer’s Rankings report is curated to bridge the employer’s expectations and employees’ needs. The report is generated using data collected from surveys taken by industry professionals at all levels. In order to create a thorough report, we would greatly appreciate your insight.

Click here to take the Employer's Ranking Survey

10 lucky respondents will receive a Swiss Air voucher or a bottle of Laurent Perrier Champagne. Moreover, the respondent with the highest referrals will win a one-night stay for two at any Dorchester Collection hotel in London or Paris.


Every year, YHS welcomes speakers and student delegates from over 40 leading hospitality institutions, as well as members of the media and other external guests at the summit. Building on a different theme each year, YHS serves as a platform for insightful and engaging debates and discussions on the most Topical issues of the hospitality industry. For more information on the panels, schedule, and YHS in general, please visit us at www.yhsglobal.com.

Contact: Muskaan Dadu Head of Press & Public Relations muskaan.dadu@ehl.ch

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