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The Non-Human Touch

The most immediate and prominent aftereffect of the COVID-19 crisis has been the rapid shift to the digital landscape. While technology has been a boon in keeping the work life on the go, it has put individual privacy under question. Data is an asset today, and responsible use of this data is essential.

How can we reconcile the tremendous progress made by the field of machine learning with the necessity of data privacy? This panel will explore what is needed to prevent catastrophic data breaches while creating an environment in which both customers and companies thrive.

Air, Land and Sea

Some of the worst affected industries of the pandemic include the airline and cruise industries. Yet, we firmly believe that the empty skies and ghost ships will be filled with adventure again. This panel will explore recovery strategies of re-stimulating demand and the innovation budding from new technological developments. The Experience Economy 2.0 will be at the forefront for new customer touch points and opportunities for innovation. All in all, this panel aims to show why few companies have survived and why they will eventually thrive once more in the post-COVID travel economy.

Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Equality VS Equity

This panel will explore the role recruitment, culture, policy and history play in enabling equity across-the-board rather than just equal opportunity. Seeking to understand how companies and their leaders empower employees and break down barriers, this panel will explore past, present, and future inclusion. During the pandemic, many companies have set diversity aside. However, according to McKinsey & Co, teams composed of diverse perspectives and leadership excel at innovating during tough situations. One thing is evident; that inclusion in today’s world is still insufficient. This panel will evaluate the tools needed to shatter the glass.

The Next-Gen Start Up Manual

For every successful start-up, there is a multitude of failures. It is easy to forget that the job of an entrepreneur is often nasty and brutish. Start-ups struggle to scale up their business amid drying funds, survive in volatile markets, and overcome fierce competition. For these companies which have conquered their hardships, success began with merely a simple idea. The Next-Gen Start Up manual investigates the facets of launching a successful business. Embodying the art of the start-up struggle, this panel intends to enlighten the next generation of entrepreneurs.

The Power of (G)Local

Fourteen months after the onset of the pandemic, we have a newfound perspective in realizing that traveling is an enormous privilege. This panel will explore the overnight shift of travel and new terms popping up in the travel lexicon - staycations, “work from the hotel” packages and haycations. The goal of this panel will be to explore the topic of how hotels will adapt to this new climate, how will they attain customer loyalty, trust and satisfaction. How will the local hospitality experts give a refreshing, unique experience to travel enthusiasts in their own hometowns.

Our House is on Fire

Finally, for our last panel we have a special theme: Sustainability. There is a reason why this has become such a hot topic; prosperity of industrialization beyond our resources, and greed beyond our reach has left us with few options. Our house is on fire, right now we still have time to save it, but soon – we won’t. Join us in exploring how to develop new pathways that are not destructive and give our future generations a chance. The success of many industries will depend on them finding the right balance between profitability and being environmentally conscious. This is key in putting out the fire.

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