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If you are reading this blog post, you probably already know the Young Hoteliers Summit (if you don’t, check out our story here https://www.yhsglobal.com), you might follow our next summit in March, or maybe you just landed here by mistake. Whatever the reason might be for which you are reading this blog, let me introduce myself and the concept of YHStories (aka Young Hoteliers’ Stories)

My name is Sofia. I am a third-year student at Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, and I am the Head of PR & Press for the YHS committee. But of course, these are not the only aspects that define me… I am Italian and Swiss, I love going to fine arts museums, and I could not live without oat milk. What I am trying to say is that behind every Core Member, Head of Department, and Assistant of the Committee, there is an inspiring individual who has hobbies, challenges to face, and stories to tell. 

YHS is the most influential student-run summit of the hospitality industry. We strive to deliver a meaningful experience that will help shape future hospitality leaders. But who is behind this whole organization? What are the personal challenges that YHS members encounter on their path? And most importantly, how does YHS influence people’s lives? I will try to tackle these topics and other questions we might encounter along the way. Overall, my objective is to blur the line between what is delivered during the summit days and the unique stories of who are the brains behind the scenes.

To start off, I think it would be appropriate to understand who is leading the whole organization of the summit. More particularly, we are honored to be guided by three inspiring young women (yes, they are technically my bosses, so I can’t say anything negative): Katherine, Clare, and Eva.



Katherine, just like me, is a third-year student at EHL and she is the Core Member who oversees the Community, Finance, and External Relations departments. But as already mentioned, there are so many more aspects that define her personality.

Katherine is currently at home in Hong Kong, completing her internship in Dubai, and actively working for YHS with Swiss timings. Isn’t this so confusing? As she works remotely for a company in Dubai, Katherine often finds herself working until very late hours in Hong Kong. This might seem exhausting, but actually, there are many positive aspects to her experience. In fact, right now, you can imagine her working with her laptop from a very instagrammable Café with a view of the beach. Yes, it is correct, working remotely implies that she has a portable office that she can bring anywhere: her PC. Among other things, Katherine is actively learning German (As a native speaker, I can confirm that she is already very good at it!), which brought her to plan to move her portable office to Germany towards the end of the year. I am sure that we will be able to fully communicate in German next semester!


We often think that Core Members of a committee have an answer to all problems and are 100% confident about every step they take. But we shall not forget that we are all humans, carrying our insecurities, fears, and doubts. Katherine, for example, explained to me how she feels the pressure of having to meet the expectations of all different stakeholders. Nonetheless, if I should choose one thing she has no doubts about, it will definitely be that hard work pays off!!


The second Core member of YHS is Clare. She is the leader for the Digital Marketing, Events, and Logistics departments, and she is the only Core who is back in Switzerland! She has just started her final year of her Bachelor at EHL and is thrilled to finally be back on campus. Clare is Korean but, in fact, has been a real globe trotter; think about it, she lived in Lebanon, Austria, the United States, and Indonesia. Isn’t this so impressive? All these changes have enriched Clare’s cultural heritage, but they have also been quite challenging, demanding a lot of adaptability. Who knows, maybe Switzerland will remain her home for the future!

EHL’s final year will require a lot of hard work on Clare’s side. She will have a great challenge finding the right balance between YHS and studies. So how will she recharge her batteries during her free time? Well, I found out that her moment of peace is in the kitchen, she is a great cook! I believe that we will have to exchange some knowledge as she is an expert in Korean Kitchen, but can’t get a lasagna right (we will recover that for sure)!

Among other things, Clare has a precise objective for this Young Hoteliers Summit 2022. She wants it to be a fun experience for everyone! Given the COVID pandemic that has affected us all, none of us had the chance to attend an onsite Summit yet. This might be a disadvantage because we do not have a precise reference, but Clare has a more positive perspective. In fact, this will allow the Cores and all other team members to be creative and design a whole new fresh summit!




Last but not least, there is Eva: my direct supervisor! She is currently completing her third-year internship as well and, other than PR & Press, she oversees the departments of Partnerships and Speakers. Before becoming a Core Member, Eva worked as a PR & Press assistant for YHS. She became so passionate about this role that now she is developing her skills in the same department in an international company!

When you meet Eva for the first time and ask her where she comes from, her answer will be France. It starts to be confusing, though, when you start hearing a very slight German accent instead of a French one. As much as Eva grew up in Paris, in fact, she graduated from a German school! Growing up influenced by two different cultures allowed her to become open-minded and to strengthen her critical skills, but it also implied missing a sense of belonging from time to time. Maybe this is why she always makes sure that everyone feels involved in YHS!

On weekends, when Eva is not busy with YHS meetings, you can imagine her hanging out with some friends along the seaside, maybe with an absorbing French literature book. But to really conclude the day in the best possible way, you will find her having drinks at a bar in the evening. Be careful though, you will only see her with a colorful cocktail in her hand… no wine for this French lady! Eva will always be happy to help you out if you encounter any issue, but the real thing she is an expert in is where to find the best brunch place in Lausanne. So do not hesitate to drop her a text if you have any doubts!

For this upcoming Summit, Eva hopes that all committee members will enjoy the experience as much as she did and will embrace the YHS spirit. She is well aware that there will be challenging moments, but she is also convinced that team spirit, effort, and passion will lead to great results!

Now, we had the chance to have a glimpse into the Core’s personal lives and habits. But imagine, if the three people representing the peak of the YHS iceberg already are spread in three different countries, speak 6 languages, and work from two time zones, what amazing facts will you discover about the rest of the committee? I recommend staying tuned for the next YHStories!

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A Few Words From the Author - Sofia Gerber

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I am Sofia Gerber, a third-year EHL student, and am currently Head of PR & Press within the Young Hoteliers Summit’s Committee. Growing up between the Swiss Alps and the Mediterranean Sea allowed me to become open-minded and communicative. Other than writing, I love art museums and could not live without oat milk cappuccino!"