The Scope of Hospitality

Envisioning - Defining - Succeeding

The 10th Edition of the Young Hoteliers Summit seeks to celebrate and illustrate the great diversity and width to which the hospitality industry has progressed. While relying on traditionally inspired business models, today’s hospitality sector has developed into a multifaceted landscape, where the continuous evolution of consumer behavior and the growing power of online disruptors have substantially impacted the number of stakeholders and, thereby, increased the industry’s complexity significantly. In order to honor YHS’s anniversary and its associated accomplishments the 10th Edition aims to narrate hospitality success stories and simultaneously build a roadmap for the future leaders of the industry: Envisioning - Defining - Succeeding – three powerful words guiding the content for three insightful days.

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Every year, YHS dedicates itself to engaging leaders of their respective industries to deliver powerful and thought-provoking speeches. Drawing on their personal experience and expertise, each keynote speaker will interpret the theme - The Scope of Hospitality - from their unique perspective to engage and inspire the audience.

Keynote Speakers

Lyle Worthington
 Olivier Bracard
Martijn Brouwer
Tess Mattisson 
Carson Booth

Panel Topics & Speakers

Panel 1 - The Hotel Quality Lab: Experimenting with Service Quality

The hospitality industry is all about service. The quality of a hotel’s service is what makes the difference between a room with a bed, and an experience to be remembered. This panel therefore recognizes the need to revolutionize service quality, and examines the different levels of service quality and its impact on consumers. A major question is the establishment of a guest-centric service culture. Additionally, it will discuss possible new standards and adjustments, and how innovation and technology may shape the future of service quality.

Marc Stierand
Thomas Camenzind
Richard Leuenberger 
Heleri Rande
Sylvie Rolland

Panel 2 - Seizing Top Tech Opportunities: When Data is Everything

As the rate of technological advancement reaches unprecedented highs, professionals across different industries have come to recognize the importance of using technology – or more specifically, “Big Data”, in understanding and grasping the complexities of customer relationship management. This panel will thus discuss the trends, roles, and importance of Big Data, and how it has revolutionized operations and consumer interactions in the hospitality industry.

Hampus Ljunggren 
Dr. Patrick Flesner
Prof. Ian Millar
Steve Hood
Carson Booth

Panel 3 - Disrupting Distribution: Game - Changers

The distribution landscape has become an important topic of discussion as distribution costs increase with the rise of OTAs. This panel, thus, discusses the distribution landscape and its future developments. It will also discuss the competition that new and existing players in the industry face in optimizing their distribution strategies, and which new technologies and resources these players may use to compete.

Adam Rowledge
Ait Voncke
Christopher Cox
Marco Rosso
Henri Roelings

Panel 4 - The Pitfalls and Challenges in 21st Century Management and Leadership

As employee loyalty begins to wane with employees constantly seeking career advancement opportunities, and diversity in the workplace becomes increasingly important, managers and leaders of the 21st century face unique challenges in managing and retaining talent. This panel will therefore seek to address the problems of talent shortages, the need for diversity in the hospitality industry, the importance of organizational culture, as well as structural shifts towards building a network organization.

Dr. Sowon Kim 
Eugenio Pirri 
Thomas  Mielke 
Niko  Viramo 
Lorenzo Stoll
Michael Hirschler

Panel 5 - Global Brand Expansion: Adaptation and Development

Mergers and acquisitions between existing hotel brands are becoming increasingly commonplace in the hospitality industry, while new entrants are adopting unique business models to establish themselves. This panel seeks to investigate the effectiveness of these different brand expansion strategies, in consideration of the tips and tricks of investors and consultants use at the negotiation table in order to seal the deal.

Dimitris Manikis
Jeff Higley
Philipp Henle
Kenneth Hatton
Patrik Hug


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