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YHS 2021

has gone virtual!

Tough times pushes us to think out of the box – to be resourceful. 2020 is not an exception. Despite the measures that have been put in place by not only the Swiss Government but globally, we are motivated to commit to our values. Hence, the YHS Team has decided to host YHS 2021 virtually. Our team of dedicated students is working hard to bring the authentic YHS experience to the comfort of your home.



As the global community braces for constant change, the YHS team is adapting to the current situation to ensure our delegates, speakers, and student team's safety. This brings us to the decision below. We will be streaming live from EHL Lausanne and seeking opportunities to hold small-scale events across the world. Current topics affecting the hospitality industry will be explored through interactive sessions, speeches ​ & discussions, and the most sought after, YHS Challenge by the Challenge Provider.


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