YHS Virtual 2020

Opening Speech by Master of Ceremony

Vanessa Pedrini, Christopher Boyd | YHS Virtual 2020


The Changing Dynamics of Travel & Tourism

Anita Mendiratta | YHS Virtual 2020

The Impact of Global Events on Hotels

Steve Hood | YHS Virtual 2020

The Future of Hotel Concepts

Hans Meyer | YHS Virtual 2020


Loyalty is Dead, Long Live Loyalty!

Henri Roelings, Michael Levie, Marc Dardenne

YHS Virtual 2020

Men + Women = Diversity?

Elaine Teo, Paul Genovese

YHS Virtual 2020

Closing Speech by Master of Ceremony

Vanessa Pedrini, Christopher Boyd | YHS Virtual 2020


Henri Roelings

Founder & CEO​, 


"Being closely involved in the meetings & events industry, I've seen how difficult and challenging recent COVID - times have been for all involved in this industry. From this perspective, this year's YHS team has delivered an admirable joint effort turning the conference into a virtual event. Kudos to all of you at team - YHS!"


Elaine Teo

Founder & Managing Partner, 

Living Potential International​

"I salute their dedication, ingenuity, sheer grit and refusal to give up on a substantial global summit bringing together delegates and industry speakers from all over the world to share cutting-edge thought and practice in the hospitality industry and beyond, which they have pulled as a passion project alongside their demanding course requirements as students..." Read More >


Marc Dardenne

COO Accor Europe Luxury Brands​, 


“Unfortunately the Young Hoteliers Summit 2020 didn’t take place as planned but kudos to the team who quickly converted the meeting into a virtual event. I was delighted to participate and thought that the discussion was interesting and enriching. I look forward to participate in 2021 when to world is back to normal I hope.”


Michael Levie

COO & Co-Founder

at citizenM

"The YHS 2020 team however showed the hospitality World the only right thing to do when confronted with friction and obstruction...you re-group and find an alternative way to still accomplish an alternative YHS 2020. 

I applaud the entire team and want to congratulate you on understanding that giving up is not an option and that you stay true to your commitments..." Read More >

Anita Mendiratta.JPG

Anita Mendiratta

Special Advisor to the Secretary General – UNWTO, President ​

at Anita Mendiratta & Associates​

"COVID19 will be a bookmark in all of our lives - a time the world was forced to stop, stay home, and carefully look at not just what we value, but our values. Globally, the world has realised, quickly, the need we all have to connect, not just digitally but huggably. This fundamental need is at the heart of Travel & Tourism (T&T). It always has been..." Read More >

Paul Genovese.jpg

Paul Genovese

President of Grizzly Energy Resources LLC​

at Grizzly Energy

"I found the Summit to be innovative, informative, and a platform for creative thinking. Together with the exemplary leadership shown by the student organizers, the success of YHS 2020 will carry over beyond the current crisis to face the challenges that lay ahead in the hospitality industry, and to offer the solutions that tomorrow demands..." Read More >