The Virtual Edition 2021

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RETHINK: The Non-Human Touch 

 Carlos Moreira, Monika Nerger, Chi Chan, Kris Singleton,

Ian Millar [Moderator]

RE-SCULPT: Air, Land and Sea  

 Alain Leboursier, Clare Pelly, Lorenzo Stoll, Gary Franklin,

Henri Roelings[Moderator]


Breaking the Glass Ceiling - Equality vs Equity 

 Siobhan Thomas, Sindy Tsui, Malaika Myers, Beks Ndlovu,

Devi Virdi[Moderator]


The NextGen Start-Up Manual 

Nico Barawid, Anastasia Hofmann, Rafael Museri, Chip Conley,

Demian Hodari[Moderator]

REJUVENATE: The Power of G(local)

Ted Teng, Eugenio Pirri, Serena Guen,

Juliet Kinsman[Moderator]

SUSTAINABILITY: Our House is on Fire 

Neil Jacobs, Tim Weiland, Portia Hart, Amanda Ho,

Anita Mendiratta[Moderator]


Maud Bailly

CEO Southern Europe​, 


"The crisis is not changing the game, it is unveiling who we are. It reminds us what hospitality is about: solidarity and taking care of people. We shall overcome the crisis stronger than ever."


Neil Jacobs


Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas​

"As an industry we are caregivers and that is why we have taken so long to be forceful and aggressive about Sustainability. We have to take a strong position, make it a part of the company DNA and educate our guests. Our guests will get on board if we are on board."


Carlos Moreira

Founder, Chairman and CEO​, 


"Data is not the Personal Identity itself but it is the consent for preferences. We need to develop the Hospitality Consent Industry. AI can encrypt data and decapsulate it from the PII, such that what remains is the consent for preferences that can be monetized."