What is YHS?

The Summit has been hosted at Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne every year since its introduction in 2010. YHS attracts both students and professionals by taking advantage of its position as the most influential student-organized hospitality summit on a global scale. All participants are integrated to have a positive and meaningful experience from YHS: Students work on a realistic, unique project in a resourceful learning environment and hospitality professionals receive a series of excellent solutions to their business problem. 

YHS Key Elements



Every year, YHS invites industry leaders to deliver powerful and thought-provoking speeches.

Keynote speakers draw from personal experiences to engage and inspire the audience with their unique take on the theme.


Panel Discussions

Panel discussions bring together top experts in hospitality-related fields to have conversations about the latest trends in the industry. The different perspectives and new insights generated are an integral part of the YHS experience.


YHS Challenge

The YHS Challenge provides our delegates with a practical scenario set by our Challenge Provider. Delegates are put in teams at random and are pushed to innovate and create viable solutions under intense time constraints. On the final day, delegates present their solutions and are judged according to strict criteria by industry professionals.


Delegates Sessions 

YHSessions are workshops designed for our partners and delegates to interact more closely with each other. These workshops create a space for partners to discuss fresh ideas and perspectives with the delegates, as well as generate excitement around their company’s vision.


 The Topical

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Your Hospitality Squeeze 

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