Our New Face

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With 12 years to our name, YHS has decided it was time for a rebranding. Since its founding, much has changed about the Summit; our university, and even the industry (hospitality) we operate in. There has been no less than two financial crisis, a digital revolution, a global pandemic, and a specific hospitality science school rebranding themselves to become business oriented, EHL. 


Young Hospitality Summit


Last year, the acronym YHS stood for Young Hotelier’s Summit. Today, while the acronym remains the same, YHS now stands for Young Hospitality Summit. By changing Hotelier’s to Hospitality, it sets our path and broadens our horizons to topics of all hospitality. YHS realizes that the industry is expanding further than it has ever been before, and our new name reflects this revelation. 

New Face, New Logo.

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YHS 2023 has developed a new logo to align with those who make YHS possible: the speakers, the delegates, and us the committee. A combination of three circular speech bubbles -light blue, dark navy, and yellow- it represents the voice and necessity of each part and how they are interdependent on each other to make this summit possible. Each part representing the values of our summit: Connection, curiosity, and empowerment. This new logo will primarily be used for recognition, marketing, and awareness purposes.

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