Q: How do I become a YHS Delegate for YHS 2021?

A: The applications to become a YHS Delegate for YHS 2021 are now closed. Should you be interested in becoming a YHS Delegate for our next summit, kindly have your university representative reach out to community@yhsglobal.com.

Q: When will the YHS Rankings Report 2020 be released?

A: The next YHS Rankings Report will be released on March 8, 2021.

Q: How can I attend YHS?

A: External guests are welcome to join the YHS conference. More information will follow closer to the event date.

Q: When do ticket sales start?

A: Ticket Sales for YHS 2021 will start at the end of January 2021. YHS 2021 will be hosted on [insert name of the platform]

Q: What do the new brand values mean for YHS?

A: The brand values of YHS are Empowering, Transformative and Community. We use these values as pillars for our own actions and the experience we would like to create for everyone attending.

Q: What is the theme for YHS 2021?

A: The theme will be soon announced. Stay tuned for the theme reveal on our social media accounts.

Q: How do I become a Speaker for YHS 2021?

A: YHS is always on the lookout for distinguished speakers to inspire our audience. If you are interested in speaking at our next event, please reach out to info@yhsglobal.com for more information

Q: How do I become a Partner for YHS 2021?

A: The success of YHS rests on the many partners who support us each year. For more information on becoming one of our partners for the next summit, please reach out to us at info@yhsglobal.com

Q: How do I become a Media Partner for YHS 2021?

A: YHS is published on various platforms aroud the world, and we are constantly looking to expand our media network. For all media enquiries, kindly reach out to us at info@yhsglobal.com

Q: When is YHS 2021?

A: Our next summit will take place between Monday 22nd-25th March, 2021.

Q: How is YHS adapting to the current pandemic?

A: Tough times teach us to think out of the box, to be resourceful - and this is not an exception. YHS goes virtual!  

Q: Will Delegates be able to attend YHS 2021 at EHL as in the past years?

A: To adhere to all the Swiss Government's sanitary and hygiene measures, our team has decided to host YHS2021 entirely virtual. Our upcoming summit will be hosted on an events platform [name] and will ensure all the necessary features for our Delegates to have the interactive experience that YHS represents.

Q: How does the virtual YHS compares to the in-person summit?

A: Our team of dedicated students is working to ensure that the virtual summit will maintain the interactive experience and the standards of excellence that YHS is known for. Going virtual has been a challenging but necessary measure for our events to reach and expand to a worldwide audience.