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Past Summits



Breaking Through the Tide

Despite the countless waves of economic, social and environmental issues that have battered the shores of the hospitality industry, many have emerged more buoyant than ever. How has this new shore led us to re-evaluate the very core of how we do business?


A Macroscopic View

Expanding the definition of hospitality, we aspire to cover a macroscopic view of the shifts in the industry. The devastation by the coronavirus pandemic has triggered us into rethinking and re-sculpting the vision of business models. Adapting to the new world, only a few companies will be able to attain rejuvenation.



Power to the People

The discerning travellers of today challenge hoteliers to keep up with their ever-evolving needs and preferences. ​​YHS 2020 seeks to provide a toolbox by exploring the multi-generational perspective, in light of the continually changing consumer landscape and emerging generational trends. ​​


The Scope of Hospitality

Celebraing the great diversity and width to which the hospitality industry has progressed, YHS 2019 detailed the industry's multifaceted landscape, where the continuous evolution of consumer behaviour and growing power of online disruptors have substantially impacted the number of stakeholders.

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