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YHS 2024

YHS 2024

"The Double B:
Bridging Concepts, Beyond Realities".

Dates 2

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Monday 11 - Day 1

Tuesday 12 - Day 2

Keynote 1 "Leading into the Future" | 09:00

Travel, Tourism & Hospitality offer careers filled with a world of opportunity and possibility. As our industry rebuilds and reimagines the future of travel, leaders face a new world of leading - one in which readiness for crisis is a part of the job. What have the past 1000 days revealed about the honor of leading through good times and bad? Through this special YHS opening keynote, Anita Mendiratta shares some of the invaluable secrets behind their call to leadership.

Panel 1 "Workplace Strategy" | 11:15

Exploration of various strategies to fight emerging problems of loneliness among hospitality employees. What are ways to change and create a more inclusive future with more interactions.

Keynote 2 "Real Estate Career" | 12:30

Mike will start by sharing his personal journey on transitioning from hotel school to real estate. He will introduce the key stakeholders in hotel real estate, focusing on the most relevant ones for hotel school graduates: hotel owners/investors, hotel chains, and advisors. The purpose of this section is to provide an overview of what each career path looks like and share top tips on how to kickstart a career in hotel real estate.

Panel 2 "Investment Strategies" | 16:15

How did the Real Estate industry recover after the pandemic in Europe, and what are the current average market yields for this sector in different markets? What are the promising real estate concepts that the investors should be looking for? What are the most updated financial instruments or investment vehicles for investors to participate in Real Estate projects globally?

Panel 3 "Talent Acquisition" | 09:15

Panel 4 "Regenerative Hospitality" | 10:45

Regenerative Hospitality focuses on fostering symbiotic relationships between hospitality establishments, nature, and communities. It prioritizes practices that actively contribute to the regeneration of ecosystems and the well-being of society. This approach aims to create enriching experiences for guests that are deeply connected to nature and local cultures. By nurturing these experiences, Regenerative Hospitality seeks to create a positive impact on both guests and the environment. Ultimately, it aims to redefine success in the hospitality industry by prioritizing holistic well-being and regeneration

Keynote 3 "Branded Residences" | 12:00

Provide a global context for branded residences and then use Dubai as a case study given it is the world’s number 1 destination for branded residences.

Keynote 4 "Digital Marketing: the past, the present, and the future" | 15:00

Experience a journey through the busy and ever-changing world of the World Wide Web. Discover the world of Digital Marketing in hospitality and how it has changed the way that business is done today. Take a look behind the scenes of the algorithms that drive customers and influence them in ways they sometimes don’t even realize, all garnished with some real-life Online Marketing stories from the world of travel.

Panel 5 "Future of Hotels" | 17:15

Besides the vast growth of hotel portfolios, big hospitality players invest more and more in hotel alternatives such as trains, jets, yachts, and more. Together with three experts, we discover the popular alternatives to hotels.

Wednesday 13 - Day 3

Keynote 5 "Hospitality Investments" | 09:15

Investments in Hospitality and Real estate in Emerging countries. Where do the current hidden gems lie and what are the investment prospects 

Keynote 6 "The Power of Tech" | 10:15


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