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Where It Begins...


In 2010, five EHL students came together to create a medium that connected students with established industry professionals. YHS has since become the largest global student-run hospitality summit. Every year, YHS welcomes approximately 30 speakers, delegates from over 40 leading hospitality institutions, and media members.

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Rachel Crawford

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Anil Varghese

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Youri Sawerschel 

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Christophe Oneyser

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Giovanni Forni

Founders & History

In 2010, five EHL Hospitality Business School students gathered their passion for hospitality to create a medium for students to connect with established industry professionals. YHS has since grown to become the largest student-run hospitality summit in the world. Every year, YHS welcomes approximately 30 speakers, student delegates from over 40 world’s leading hospitality institutions, members of the media, as well as other external guests at the summit. 

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Our Mission

To create an engaging and relevant summit, focusing on bringing together the youth and industry professionals to discuss pressing topics within and adjacent to the hospitality industry.

Our Values

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We foster discussions around interesting and pressing topics in the industry.




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Through interaction and connection, we seek to bridge the gap between players in the industry.



YHS brings together students, industry professionals, and partners to connect.


Meet The YHS Team 


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