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Breaking Through The Tide

Countless waves of economic, social and environmental issues that followed have been battering the shores of the hospitality industry – despite it all, many have emerged more buoyant than ever. YHS 2022 will examine how individuals, companies and governmental bodies led us to a new shore that re-evaluates the very core of how we do business. 

Opening Keynote Day 1 - Satya Anand

Keynote The Future of Travel: Asia-Pacific, women in travel and sustainability - Liz Ortiguera


Keynote The Future of HospitalityDavid Bosshart

Keynote Industry Updates - Steve Hood

Keynote Leading the Way Regeneration and The Future of Tourism - John Pagano


Opening Keynote Day 2 - Craig Smith

Closing Keynote - Sandeep Walia

Fireside Chat - Xavier Pougnard & Kayleigh Wiltshire


Fireside Chat - Urs Eberhard & Yap Chin Siang

Fireside Chat - Nick Price & Ian Millar

Panel Topic The Only Way Forward - Chalana Perera, Adrian Flück, Willem Niemeijer, Denise naguib & Suzannah Newham


Fireside Chat - Michael Levie & David Keen

 Panel Topic The Future of You - Borivoj Vokrinek, Ron Swidler, John Fareed, Christoph Hoffmann & Alex Yoo

Panel Topic Before Breaking Ground - Nathalie Seiler-Hayez, Adrien Genier, Michael A. McKay & Pierre-Henri Bovsovers


Panel Topic Reconstructing Leadership - Marloes Knippenberg, Thomas Mielke, Lucy Werner, Demian Hodari & Jeff Higley


A Macroscopic View:
Rethink, Re-sculpt, Rejuvenate

Expanding the definition of hospitality, we aspire to cover a macroscopic view of the shifts in the industry.  The devastation wrought by the coronavirus pandemic has triggered us all into rethinking and re-sculpting the vision of business models. Adapting to the new world,  only a few companies will be able to attain rejuvenation. 

Panel Topic RETHINK: The Non-Human Touch  - Carlos Moreira, Monika Nerger, Chi Chan, Kris Singleton, Ian Millar [Moderator]

Panel Topic RE-SCULPT: Air, Land and Sea   - Alain Leboursier, Clare Pelly, Lorenzo Stoll, Gary Franklin, Henri Roelings [Moderator]

Panel Topic RE-SCULPT: Breaking the Glass Ceiling - Equality vs Equity - Siobhan Thomas, Sindy Tsui, Malaika Myers, Beks Ndlovu, Devi Virdi [Moderator]


Panel Topic REJUVENATE: The NextGen Start-Up Manual - Nico Barawid, Anastasia Hofmann, Rafael Museri, Chip Conley, Demian Hodari [Moderator]


Panel Topic REJUVENATE: The Power of G(local) - Ted Teng, Eugenio Pirri, Serena Guen, Juliet Kinsman [Moderator]

Panel Topic SUSTAINABILITY: Our House is on Fire - Neil Jacobs, Tim Weiland, Portia Hart, Amanda Ho, Anita Mendiratta [Moderator]


Power To The People:
The Growth Mindset

The scope of hospitality is ever-evolving - how will this continue to challenge the industry in this coming decade? Mindsets and preferences are shifting faster than some can adapt. At the core of navigating this evolution, are the people who need to adopt a multi-generational perspective, in order to drive business transformation alongside these changing needs. YHS 2020 seeks to empower our attendees to face the industry's challenges head-on, by inspiring a mindset that is constantly set on adapting and growing.

Opening Speech by Master of Ceremony
- Vanessa Pedrini, Christopher Boyd

Keynote The Changing Dynamics of Travel & Tourism - Anita Mendiratta


Keynote The Impact of Global Events on Hotels - Steve Hood

Keynote The Future of Hotel Concepts - Hans Meyer

Panel Topic Loyalty is Dead, Long Live Loyalty! - Henri Roelings, Michael Levie, Marc Dardenne


Panel Topic Men + Women = Diversity? - Elaine Teo, Paul Genovese

Panel Topic Closing Speech by Master of Ceremony - Vanessa Pedrini, Christopher Boyd


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