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EHL Hospitality Business School

Largest Student-Led Hospitality Summit

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YHS 2023

was a success!

YHS 2023 - it's a wrap! And it is thanks to all of you for making the dream happen.

It is our great pleasure to be hosting this event and meeting over 70 delegates from 26 nationalities, and industry speakers from global companies during the 2023 summit!

Thank you to all the delegates, faculty members, partners, speakers, and all other members for this year’s great participation, enthusiasm and excitement that made the summit all the better.

We can’t wait to welcome you back next year!

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Our new face!

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Nearly 13 years after its establishment, YHS has rebranded! The name "Young Hospitality Summit" effectively conveys the goals and missions of YHS as it reflects the broad scope of hospitality as an industry while acknowledging the passionate professionals behind the creation of the annual summit.

Who are we?

Since its founding in 2010, the Summit has been hosted at EHL Hospitality Business School every year, serving as a platform for industry professionals, media members, and student delegates to engage in pertinent and insightful discussions on the industry's latest topics every year.

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Hospitality Guest Attendees


Industry Speakers


Global Partners

Taking advantage of its position as the most influential student-led hospitality summit on a global scale, all participants are integrated to have a positive and meaningful experience from YHS - while students work on a realistic, unique project in a resourceful learning environment,  hospitality professionals receive a series of excellent solutions to their business problem. 

"The Double B"
YHS 2024 edition

Past Summits

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The Scope Of Hospitality



Breaking Through The Tide



A Macroscopic View



Power To The People


Past Speakers

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